Property Tax Services

BC Assessment Tax Review

Property Tax values are complex. Due to large number of properties, it is impossible to assess every single property individually, instead BC assessment uses sales trends and averages to determine a properties value and Classification. As a result; your assessment should be reviewed every year, both for accuracy and change in municipal bylaws.

Our Property Tax assessment professionals work closely with our valuation team, brokerage network and property managers, sharing industry knowledge and market expertise to ensure you ONLY pay for your fair share of the property taxes.

Property Development Tax Planning Program

BC Assessment Tax Services

Having a reliable Tax assessment adviser in your team during the course of your property development is essential to executing an efficient project.

By examining such factors as property assessment and changes in classification during the rezoning and construction process we make sure the authorities apply the right assumptions when calculating your property taxes. We also look for property tax exemptions, especially when parts of your project include non-profit or non-market housing components.

When it comes to property tax management, during the development and re-development process, timing truly is everything. A building demolished before, or after November 1st, can have a substantial impact on the property tax cost. We can develop an entire tax strategy from the start to completion of your development project, be it industrial, commercial, residential or mixed use.

By being involved early in the process we work with you to develop tax strategies designed to save you thousands of dollars. Ask us about our comprehensive developer property tax planning program.


It is our goal to earn your future business through RESULTS that have an identifiable benefit. We provide our services so that you only pay us a percentage of what you save after our work is done. 

Advisory & Advocacy




During the pre roll phase we start by looking at your property, we investigate your situation and provide you a fair and honest opinion of your BC tax assessment. If you feel the assessment is high, we can engage the assessment authority and present them with a reasonable and logical case and have your taxes reduced.


When you sign up for our ANNUAL ASSESSMENT REVIEW, we review your file and advice you on fair value of your property, we compare hundreds of confidential data like, private sales in the area, lease contracts, change in by-laws and land use, among hundreds of other articles which can have an effect on the value of your property. Our review assures that the tax bill is fair and reasonable. This ensures that you are being treated fairly by the BC Assessment authority. If we recognize there is a case for arbitration, we let you know and proceed to present your interest in getting you a reduction in taxes.


Our Team has extensive knowledge of the BC tax laws with excellent relationship with the tax authority. We rely on offering an unbiased report with strong case and valid argument to support our facts and accuracy of our findings. By offering a clear and direct approach we are able to reduce your taxes simply by just negotiating.


If your case is taken through the appeal process, we present a strong case to the appeals board and strive to find a reduction in your taxes. We are well prepared and know the factors likely to affect the adjudicators decision. In the event you use judicial review, we work with your legal team to affect the desired results.